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The Falabella, with its height of 80cms to the withers, is the first real miniature horse. Selected since 1880 on the Falabella Ranch in Argentina, these horses have two ribs and one vertebrae less than all other horses. Like all Argentinian horses, they have an incredible variety of hides, which render them irresistible. Colours are cream, palomino, buckskin, grey, roano, tobiano, appaloosa and also leopard is this last one being the rarest and  favourite of Julio Falabella Senior. Up until the 1960's, the Falabellas were sold either castrated or sterilized in order to prevent breeding out of the Falabella Ranch. After which the first stud farms started to appear in America and later, in the late 70's, in Europe. The amount of pedigrees however was still limited. Our stud farm is dedicated to the preservation of the original high quality and purity by following an intelligent breeding scheme. This scheme is supported by a vast choice of stallions and mares all imported directly from Argentina.
accf & fse
The official register for Falabella horses is in Argentina and named ACCF (Asociacion Criadores Caballos Falabella), consequently all horses with this pedigree can be registered in all other Falabella registers. Obviously, only foals born from mares (and stallions) ACCF can be registered. Therefore as our stud farm has been approved in Argentina, we are able to supply the neccesary documents for all of our foals. The office for pedigree registration in Europe is in Holland c/o the Falabella Stamboek Europe (FSE)This is a professional institution where in order to obtain a pedigree, the horse must undergo a DNA test. This test is done on the hair taken from the mane which will then verify the purity and correct descent of the breed. Our stud farm has been approved of by the FSE.
The capacity of a stallion to reproduce foals superior or similiar to itself is called PREPOTENZA. This prepotenza in a stallion is not by chance is all due to FENOTIPO selection, studying of the pedigrees and a good knowledge of genetics. These are the keys for breeding stallions which will then improve the quality of the stud farm. The choice of a stallion is fundamental as this will give the stud farm its imprint for the years to come.
The birth of a foal is a magical moment which compensates for all the hard work that went before. As it is impossible to keep them all, some will be available for sale. Do contact us should you be interested.